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Tuesday a.m. stuff

Some good news for the rotation this morning...Evan Grant says Jason Jennings 4 inning outing yesterday saw improved velocity from Jennings. There has been concern about Jennings' fastball, but Jennings said yesterday that he's now around where he was in 2006, when he had his best season, and it looks like the concerns that he might have to start the season on the d.l. have been put to rest.

Grant also says that Eric Hurley is probably 3rd in the race for the 5th starter slot (a job that is, hopefully, just temporary anyway), behind Luis Mendoza and Sidney Ponson.

Gil LeBreton is on the David Murphy bandwagon, and doesn't understand why Murphy hasn't won a starting job.

Ron Washington thinks that, despite their slow starts, Marlon Byrd and Ben Broussard will hit once the season starts.

Of course, neither of them have a real extensive track record of hitting well, so...