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Wednesday a.m. things

Five solid innings for Luis Mendoza yesterday, and that's apparently allowed him to pretty well lock down the 5th starter job, at least until Brandon McCarthy returns (although that also assumes everyone else stays healthy).

Mendoza is what he is, a relatively low-ceiling guy who may have a future as a back of the rotation starter or middle reliever. I'm fine with sticking him in there as a placeholder for now.

Evan Grant says C.J. Wilson and Joaquin Benoit each pitched an inning yesterday, and should be good to go to start the season.

Grant also has a new newsletter up, that addresses the catching situation, among other things, and speculates that Jason Botts is going to end up winning the battle for a roster spot that is going on between him, Nelson Cruz, and Kevin Mench.

Grant also says, as part of an essay explaining why he thinks Gerald Laird starting the year in the majors and Jarrod Saltalamacchia starting in the minors makes sense, that he thinks Salty is the long-term catching answer, and as part of that explanation, says that "Taylor Teagarden may be too fragile to stay behind the plate."

If that's the case, that's troubling, because if Teagarden can't stay behind the plate, he really doesn't have a major league future.

And T.R. Sullivan talks about the inherent tension between Ron Washington's goals and Jon Daniels' goals, with Washington wanting to win now and Daniels looking more long-term. Sullivan also explains why a rebuilding team has added guys like Ben Broussard and Sidney Ponson on short-term deals...