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Sunday morning things

Good news, everyone...lots of Rangers stuff today, and just about all of it relates to something other than Nolan Ryan!

Evan Grant's game story has a headline about Nolan Ryan being impressed by the Rangers' prospects, but it is really about guys like Chris Davis and Elvis Andrus making the most out of their stint at the big league camp.

Randy Galloway says Jon Daniels, Ron Washington, and Victor Rojas have all gotten onto him for being too sour, so he goes through some things to feel positive about in Rangers camp, with Chris Davis and Matt Harrison high on the list.

Galloway also has some Rangers folks responding to his criticism of Washington's offensive philosophy:

But manager Washington was upset with me Friday -- not the first or last time -- over questioning about his deep count-take pitches-geek ball offensive philosophy.

The Rangers, under Washington, have become The Team that Hates Home Runs.

Yes, it's a joke. Yes, deep counts are important. No, Washington doesn't hate home runs. But I amused myself with that nickname.

Mere survival in the American League is about run production. About power. And at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, if you don't have it, that's a death wish.

Washington assured me he is merely attempting to "manage what he's got to manage." Meaning his batting order doesn't have a lot of pop.

But Daniels, the GM who still answers my questions despite a lot of printed negativity over his work, ran down the expected 2008 lineup, and with optimism, found plenty of potential home runs, particularly if Hamilton is healthy and clean.

Let me also mention third baseman Hank Blalock, who if finally healthy, can bring back the muscle.

Actually, Daniels' optimism on power is somewhat valid, based on the "if" factor.

But at the mere mention of The Team that Hates Home Runs theory, hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo barked at me, and jokingly (I think) called for security to remove me from the field during batting practice.

"Look, there's only one philosophy to all this," Rudy said. "Get a good pitch to hit, and drive it. What we are working on here is recognizing what to do if you don't get the good pitch to hit."

Here's what I don't is it that working the count means you don't want to hit home runs?

Doesn't working the count make it more likely you'll get into a hitter's count, and thus get a pitch you can drive?

Doesn't working the count mean making the pitchers throw more pitches, which means getting a tired starter or a weaker member of the bullpen throwing you pitches, thus making it more likely you get a pitch you can drive?

I don't understand why Galloway thinks working the count means not wanting to hit home runs...

The DMN notes say Kevin Millwood's hamstring hinders him from fielding his position, so he may pitch a simulated game rather than a real game in his next outing. There's also thoughts from Travis Metcalf on his newfound love of Texas country...

Anthony Andro breaks down the four candidates for the utility infielder job -- Ramon Vazquez, German Duran, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Ryan Roberts. I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't know what position Roberts played until I read this item.

JFE has a weird pseudo-prediction up about Michael Young:

Talking to Michael Young has me a little -- just a little -- concerned that he is not going to be a Ranger next season. What is crazy is he wants to be, and the Rangers want him to be, but their collective timing might just be a little off. Young is ready to be on a winner, like yesterday, while the Rangers are realistically a year, possibly two, away. So it is reasonable to see them reaching a point where they have to say goodbye.

And, yes, there are other teams that would be interested in Young at his salary. He is underrated and partly because he plays for the Rangers. We tend to bestow greatness tags on players who have done it in the postseason.

I guess she's implying that Young is going to ask the Rangers to deal him, because he has a full no-trade clause he'd have to waive in order to be dealt.

And if JFE thinks any team would take on all of Young's contract -- particularly after the 2008 season, at which point there will be 5 years and $80 million left on the deal -- she's fooling herself. If the Rangers wanted to deal Young, they'd have to eat some of his contract and expect to get nothing in return. Particularly if he hits in 2008 like he did in 2007.

Alan Schwarz has an article in the New York Times about Milton Bradley. My favorite part:

On the bottle incident in Los Angeles: "In Oakland I was telling guys about it, and it's like they were afraid to ask. I was describing everything -- everything about the fans, what they were wearing, the sounds I heard. They were like: `How do you remember? You were totally out of control.' I said: `I'm always in control. I'm always paying attention. I was just angry.' "

T.R. Sullivan has Poor Toby's Almanac up.

And the S-T's notes include Kea Kometani's 5 favorite Hawaii-based TV shows...