Anyone watching the japan series

as shameful as it may sound i am setting my alarm for 5:30, so ill be able to wake up for the game. Even though the match-up between Boston and Oakland is one that doesn't really invigorate me, I am still desperate for some actual major league baseball.

Even though the ridicolous amount of Red Sox support will be hard to handle, it will be kinda (maybe, a little) to see the A's. This will give ranger fans a chance to see who there likely competition is for third-place.


An article at about how there is no doubt that Red Sox fans will be watching this game, The idea that the Red Sox or the Yankees or the Cubs have the best fan-bases in the game is just infuriating.

A) Just because there is more doesn't mean they are more knowledgeable, or passionate.

B) Being a fan of those three teams is easy, really easy, about a third of all games on espn feature either the Yankees or the Red Sox, not to mention the national media's love affair with said teams. David Ortiz uses the restroom, and peter gammons is already blogging about it "You know i've never seen a player with such enthusiasm for his stool, he really is the face of major league baseball"


well okay, im probably just a hater and i got side-tracked this... the whole reason for this post was just a chance to see who is pulling an allnighter with me to watch the game.


if so comment or vote.