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Tuesday a.m. things

Evan Grant reports that the Cubs have come talking to the Rangers again about Marlon Byrd, but Jon Daniels isn't budging on what he wants in return for Byrd.  Grant says that Daniels wants Donald Veal, Sean Gallagher, or Jose Ceda, along with Matt Murton, for Byrd.

That seems rather aggressive, to me...but it also highlights that the Rangers don't think Murton has much, if any, value.

Grant also reports that the deal with John Patterson is done, and Patterson can request his release if he's not in the majors by June 15.

Jim Reeves likes the addition of Patterson, apparently because Mark Connor -- Patterson's first pitching coach when he was with the D-Backs -- likes the pickup.

Jeff Wilson has a bit of a puff piece in the S-T about Nolan Ryan being around.

Robinson Tejeda apparently didn't impress yesterday.  There's a line of thought out there that suggests that the bullpen will end up consisting of Wilson, Benoit, Fukumori, Guardado, Wright, German, and Tejeda.  It is worth noting that, of that group, only Fukumori and Wilson have options, and neither of those guys is likely to be sent down.

So if the Rangers end up in a situation where the bullpen is gassed and they need a fresh arm, they aren't going to be able to simply option a long man to AAA and bring someone new up, as they have in past years.