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Wednesday a.m. things

Evan Grant has a new newsletter up, talking about how positive the work of Luis Mendoza and Eric Hurley was this spring, and discussing, among other things, the likelihood of Frank Catalanotto getting dealt this summer...Grant thinks teams are going to be more interested in a player like Cat at the deadline than now...

Grant also talks about the guys who were told yesterday that they've made the team, with Ron Washington saying that Jason Botts has done everything that was asked of him.

Jeff Wilson writes that the only issue among position players that is still unresolved is the catching situation, and you get the feeling that that may be because the Rangers are probably seeing how much interest there is in Gerald Laird out there before they make a final decision.  The Reds have been talked about quite a bit in conjunction with Laird, and it may be that Jon Daniels thinks he can extract the value he thinks Laird warrants -- that of a starting major league catcher -- before Opening Day.