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Rangers on TV (outside of D/FW)

Good news for everyone who lives in the Rangers' blackout area, but outside of the D/FW area...

The Rangers have some info up on their website about telecasts, and once again, Direct TV and Dish Network will be showing all the FSSW games and, it appears, most of the over-the-air games that are normally shown on 27 in the Metroplex.

As usual, if the Astros and Rangers are both on FSSW, the satellite networks will show one on the regular FSSW feed, and another on the alternate feed.

I use Direct TV (and get it, instead of cable, primarily so I can watch all the Rangers games here in Houston), and if any of you are thinking fo switching, if you send me an email, I'll send you a refer-a-friend deal that gives you a discount when you sign up.