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Rangers trade for Nippert

The Rangers have added talented but struggling Dustin Nippert to their roster in exchange for Jose Marte. Nippert has good stuff but has never managed to step up and win a spot in the Arizona rotation. He was so-so in relief last season and awful this spring, earning his way out of town. In Marte the Rangers gave up a nondescript arm, but someone with a little talent.

Chances are that Nippert struggles here just as he did in Arizona, but this is the kind of arm you take a chance on, especially when the price is so low. As I've already seen suggested I'm guessing that this costs Rob Tejeda his spot on the roster and in the organization. If so, the dynamics of the staff with respect to the 40-man roster and the versatility in bringing guys up and down are basically unchanged, as Nippert, like Tejeda, is out of options. On the surface, definitely seems like a worthwhile move, as Nippert, in my view anyway, is a higher profile talent with more upside than Tejeda.