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Saturday morning things

Well, that was unexpected.

After all the talk about the Rangers not wanting to risk losing Robinson Tejeda to a waiver claim, Tejeda is going to be traded or put on waivers so the Rangers can keep...Dustin Nippert?

Ron Washington likes how the bullpen is shaping up, with Nippert joining Jamey Wright, Franklyn German, and Josh Rupe in middle relief roles.  However, someone in the bullpen is going to have to go when Luis Mendoza gets called up on April 12, and the only pitchers in the bullpen with options remaining are Rupe, C.J. Wilson, and Kaz Fukumori.  Fukumori and Wilson aren't getting sent down, so either Rupe will go down, or someone will be d.l.'d or DFA'd.

Jeff Wilson says Washington likes having his lineup see all these lefty starters in the run-up to Monday's Opening Day game against Erik Bedard.