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The new BP

The new BP just arrived, and my (very) initial reaction is disappointment.

The Rangers chapter is basically a Cliff's Notes history of the franchise's ownership history and recent foibles, including stating that the Rangers have made "one huge steal of a trade" in getting Michael Young, but otherwise have just given away talent in the last 10 years or so, and includes in this "the delusional deal that sent closer Francisco Cordero to Milwaukee for two months of Carlos Lee amid a losing season"...I know BP isn't a monolithic haven of groupthink, but I'm pretty sure that deal was praised by several authors at the time.

Then I get to the player comments for the Rangers. Elvis Andrus is the first one, and his comment consists entirely of:

Loaded with tools and playing in a full-season league at age 17, Andrus was the darling of the Braves' system in 2006, but by last year's deadline he was headed to Texas in the Mark Teixeira deal. The problem is that Andrus is just not a good hitter. He is, however, an outstanding defensive player. We'd say he'll never bat at the top of a lineup, but this is the organization that led off Wayne Tolleson and Curtis Wilkerson.

And I'm thinking...really? This is the best the folks at BP can come up with?

The book is only $12, but I've been disappointed with it the last year or two, and I'm starting to think I'd be better served passing on the print edition and sticking with the website.