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Friday a.m. things

Two games today -- there's a B game that will include Luis Mendoza and Wes Littleton, and an A game that will feature Brandon McCarthy and Jason Jennings.

Gerald Laird had praise for Vicente Padilla's outing yesterday, and Richard Durrett's game story discusses Laird being more proactive in working with the pitchers this spring.

Laird said that last season, Padilla tended to get overly distracted when runners were on base, and the numbers bear that out...he allowed opposing hitters a 729 OPS with the bases empty, compared to a 903 OPS with runners on. As a point of reference, the Rangers as a whole last year allowed a 769 OPS with no one on, and a 791 OPS with runners on base.

And T.R. Sullivan has that rarest of article that includes a Padilla quote...

Durrett also talks about C.J. Wilson's biceps tendinitis, although there's not a lot of there there...he's sore, but thinks he'll be fine.

And the S-T's notes today include Brandon McCarthy's top 5 parks to pitch in...