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Tuesday a.m. things

I get the feeling Ben Broussard is going to be the new Rod Barajas.

Anyway...if you want the obligatory, "See, the Rangers sure are terrible, just look at what happened yesterday, that's going to happen all year" column, there is this morning's piece from Jim Reeves.  Meanwhile, Kevin Sherrington talks about how winning isn't what it is about this year.

Evan Grant's game story offers some parallels between Kevin Millwood's game yesterday, and some Opening Day starts by Charlie Hough and Nolan Ryan.

Ian Kinsler had a fever of 103 yesterday, but played anyway.  Also in Grant's notes, Jon Daniels says he is making efforts to try to get the Rangers to start the season at home more often, and the Rangers had all 25 players on the active roster -- plus Luis Mendoza -- attend the team dinner Sunday night.

Ron Washington says Frank Catalanotto will start in left field today, with David Murphy sliding over to right field, and Marlon Byrd presumably going to the bench.

Richard Durrett has his thoughts on yesterday's game...