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Friday a.m. things

The Rangers are above .500 for the first time since September 23, 2006.  It is remarkable how nice it feels to see this team above .500, if only for a day.  Particularly after last year's bad start. 

The Rangers sweep a doubleheader, and the Mavs clinch a playoff spot...yesterday was definitely a good day on the sports front...

Todd Wills' game story in the DMN has Ron Washington downplaying the record, saying that the team is playing well, but he'll get excited when the team is 15-20 games above .500.  Wills also talks about the surprising start from the Ranger rotation, and C.J. Wilson's stellar work yesterday, picking up 2 saves on a total of 18 pitches.

Wills also says Jamey Wright seems to have moved up in Washington's bullpen pecking order, and as a result, may have taken himself out of contention for the spot start on Monday.  Ron Washington said that the decision had been made as to who was getting Monday's start, but wouldn't say who it would be. 

Given that Wright went 2 1/3 innings yesterday, I'm assuming it won't be him.  My guess at this point is that it will be A.J. Murray, who has a scheduled start on Monday and is already on the 40 man roster. 

Randy Galloway has a column on Jon Daniels, comparing him to Jerry Jones (and contrasting him with John Hart) in his willingness to deal with the media, and be cooperative with them, even when they are calling for him to be fired.  Galloway doesn't plow any new ground in this column, other than acknowledging that he thought the Chris Young/Adam Eaton trade was a good deal at the time.

And Gil LeBreton has some love for the Rangers starters, and in particular, Kevin Millwood, discussing Millwood's much-criticized physical condition in 2007, and his change of shape in 2008.

Jeff Wilson talks about Ben Broussard's role with the Rangers, and leaves no doubt who was the driving force behind getting Broussard to Texas.