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Monday morning things

Frustrating, frustrating series against the Jays.  Particularly last night's game, which was very winnable.  The silver lining, such as it is, is that a lot of the offense's problems stem from not getting hits with RISP, and that is the sort of thing that evens out over the course of the season...this team is not simply inherently incapable of hitting with RISP.

The S-T says the Rangers are hitting .184 with RISP, worst in the majors.  And checking the stats, they are hitting .290 with no one on, 2nd in the A.L. 

Richard Durrett's game story focuses on the failure to convert opportunities, but also mentions that the team is staying positive because of the quality starting pitching.  Obviously, if the team starts hitting a little better and maintains this same level of starting pitching, they are a playoff contender.  But just as obviously, they aren't likely to maintain this same level of starting pitching.

Jamey Wright is feeling better, and it sounds like he'll be moving into the 7th inning role.  Either Wes Littleton or Kam Loe is going to come up to replace Scott Feldman today, but Ron Washington says Eddie Guardado will be ready to go by Saturday, so the stint will likely be a short one for whomever gets called up.