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Thursday a.m. things

I'm still not sure whether to feel good or not about last night's win.  Some solid efforts, and the Rangers ended up pulling it out, but...well, it shouldn't have gone on as long as it did.

And in looking at some of Ron Washington's moves...sending Ian Kinsler up to pinch hit with two out and a two run lead in the sixth, lifting Jason Botts for defensive purposes in the almost looks as if he's managing a little scared right now.

Having his hand-picked first baseman, the guy he's supposedly had his eye on for a couple of years and who he pushed for the team to acquire, make a critical error last night, while continuing to not hit, can't help matters, I can't imagine.

Washington says last night's win showed character.  I don't know if it did or not, really.

Hank Blalock was lifted last night because of back problems, and presumably, he isn't playing today.  If he's going to miss significant time, he'll go on the d.l. and German Duran will be called up, although that would necessitate making a move to clear up a 40 man roster spot.  I think Travis Metcalf could be moved on the 60 day d.l. to make room for Duran.  Otherwise, you are probably looking at trying to move someone like Kam Loe to make room.

Washington has also said that Milton Bradley would sit one of these two games, and Gerald Laird is probably getting a day off after catching 14 innings yesterday.  I'm curious to see who joins Blalock, Bradley and Laird on the bench would think that Jason Botts' performance yesterday earned him, under the circumstances, another start.

Wes Littleton showed yesterday, once again, why I've been lobbying for him for the past almost 2 years.  And yet, I have to think there's a decent chance he's getting optioned today.  He's probably not available for the next two days, everyone in the pen other than Josh Rupe pitched yesterday, and the Rangers don't have an off-day for a while.  Littleton's stellar performance in yesterday's win could result in him getting sent out so that the Rangers can add a fresh arm to the mix for tonight's game.