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T.R. Sullivan on stuff

T.R. Sullivan has a blog entry from after last night's game, with a couple of interesting items.

First, this...

Wonder if the Blue Jays GM is going to speak to his manager about handling a pitching staff.

I had heard that Jon Daniels met with Ron Washington after Tuesday's game.  And it was suggested that Jason Botts getting a start immediately thereafter is not a coincidence. 

But this cryptic comment from Sullivan makes me wonder...was Daniels' meeting with Washington to address concerns about how Washington is handling the pitching staff?  Is that the parallel being drawn?

Josh Hamilton is really good. So are the Rangers pitching and bullpen coaches. Nothing wrong with the Rangers offense that Hank Blalock and Michael Young can't solve. If they get hot, everything will be fine. If not, all other moves will be moot.

Hank Blalock is hitting .302/.393/.472 on the season.  I don't think you can expect him to do much better than that.

The defense has to be a concern had every point on the diamond. Except catcher. Laird may have to accept a bronze medal for best arm ever for a Rangers catcher but he's still throwing well.

Given the beating my man Laird has been taking from the peanut gallery in regards to his defense this year, I just wanted to note that someone out there stiil thinks he's a pretty good defensive catcher.