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Grant on the lineup and Guardado

Grant has a blog entry up about the lineup, saying that Milton Bradley needed a day off to let his knee rest, and that the Rangers are considered about scoring runs against lefties, which is why the rest of the guys on the bench are on the bench.

I'm reminded of this quote from March:

"I don't want him coming to the park every day wondering if he's going to play against a left-hander," Washington said. "He's going to play against them until he proves he can't."

Apparently, 9 plate appearances against lefties this season was enough for Broussard to prove he can't play against them.  It seems to me that it would make more sense to put Broussard at 1B, Laird at C, and Botts at DH.  You are better defensively at two positions, and the offensive trade-off is between Melhuse and Broussard, which seems to be a coin-flip.

Ron Washington, I think, is managing scared right now, and to re-iterate something I said in a comment on another thread, I wouldn't be shocked if Matt Walbeck is managing this team come Memorial Day.

Also from Grant, Eddie Guardado won't be activated from the d.l. tomorrow, as he's still sore.