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Wednesday a.m. things

The Rangers are now at .500, and tied for first place.  Even if it is just 2 games in, I like that.

Evan Grant's game story is all about Josh Hamilton, and all the stuff he did yesterday to contribute to the win.  Hamilton is amazing.

And in his notes from yesterday's game, Grant says that Hank Blalock and Michael Young each took 2 bags of IV fluids before yesterday's game because of their "flu-like symptoms." 

With Jason Jennings going tonight, we've got the obligatory stories on him joining the Rangers and all that...Kevin Sherrington has one in the DMN, and Jim Reeves has it in the S-T.

And Evan Grant has a new newsletter up, taking a couple of folks to task for believing that a handful of ABs in spring training are more meaningful than what a player has done throughout his career, and suggests that the first base situation could be a straight platoon by May.