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Monday morning things

Frustrating games this past weekend.  Two very solid starts from the starters on Saturday and Sunday, that ended up being wasted when the two most reliable guys in the bullpen blew up.  Don't know what else can be said about it.

Evan Grant's game report basically says, the bullpen blew the lead.  Ron Washington says the team has to learn to close out games.

Ben Broussard is 0 for his last 16, dating back to April 11, and is losing playing time to Jason Botts.  Chris Davis is playing well in Frisco, but he doesn't need to be up right now, so having Botts and Broussard split time at first base for the foreseeable future is fine.  I think you could also see a situation where the team decides to cut bait with Broussard and bring Jarrod Saltalamacchia up, which would allow them to keep Adam Melhuse as the third catcher (which would allow Salty to DH against lefties and Laird to catch).