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Daniels to Washington: Play Botts

Well, we've speculated that the recent uptick in Jason Botts' playing time has something to do with the closed-door meeting Jon Daniels and Ron Washington had before leaving on the current road trip...

And Evan Grant says that yes, that is the case...

Manager Ron Washington acknowledged he had a conversation with general manager Jon Daniels last week about getting Jason Botts more playing time. Botts, who was the DH on Monday, has started four of the six games on the road trip.

"We talked about getting him some at-bats during this road trip, and I think we've done that," Washington said. "We've got this guy and we need to see what he's got. We're going to start working him in there whenever we get a chance."

When the g.m. has to sit down with the manager less than two weeks into the season to address playing time issues, that doesn't bode well.