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On Luis Mendoza

Evan Grant and T.R. Sullivan both say that the organization is pissed at Luis Mendoza, because they suspected he had a shoulder problem before yesterday's game, and he insisted he didn't, until owning up after the game.

I saw in a diary some suggestions that he should be punished, demoted, not allowed to pitch in the majors again this season, to teach the rest of the players a lesson.

Personally, I think that would end up being counter-productive...I don't think that will result in more players owning up to injuries sooner.  I think it will result in players refusing to admit they are hurt for even longer, for fear that they'll be punished for not speaking up sooner.

And also...I look at Mendoza, and I see a guy in his early 20s, who, before last season, wasn't even on the prospect radar.  He was a guy who looked like he'd be scrapping in the minors his whole career.

He's now been given an opportunity, because of injuries, to pitch in the majors.  He wants to prove himself, wants to show he deserves to be in the big leagues.

So, while I can understand why the organization is unhappy with Mendoza, and I don't think he did the right thing, I can understand why he did it, and I don't think taking punitive action against him would be smart.