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LSB Around the Horn

I went over to Bless You Boys to look for some snark on the Rangers' performance the past few days, but really, they're too grateful for snark.  I was interested, though, in Inge's reaction to the Cabrera / Guillen position swap.  Maybe they'll be wanting Laird soon, and we can send him there.


They also linked a pretty interesting article about Edgar Renteria and Orlando Cabrera.  Somehow I can't see Michael Young having a blood feud with, say, Yuniesky Betancourt, although it would definitely lend an exciting subtext to what's turning out to be a pretty bleah season.


In one of the interminable discussions about Gerald Laird's defense, someone (I think it was perennial Hatorade quaffer Cahill) linked a piece over at Beyond the Boxscore about catchers framing pitches, because Laird is so awful at framing pitches that it makes Ben Broussard airmail double play balls into left field, and also it makes baby Jesus cry.  The numbers run in the first piece resulted in spreads that aren't borne out by the actual game results, so the author went further under the assumption that the picthing staff a catcher is receiving would skew the numbers (explaining why both Salty and Laird, for example, had such wretched numbers).  Answer: still inconclusive.  It's interesting, nonetheless, though.


R.J. Anderson examines Krivsky's tenure as Red's GM, and comes to the conclusion that he hasn't had a bad record of deals.  Nothing on the list stands out to me as objectively awful as, say, the Chris Young deal.  But don't worry, folks... when Salty gets promoted back to the big league club, he can catch and GM!