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Friday a.m. things

In case you missed it, the Rangers lost last night, their 7th in a row.  Not much more to say about how the team has played of late.

The real news this morning, though, is that there are meetings occurring this weekend, and Evan Grant says they could impact the fate of Ron Washington.

Washington and Ryan are both supposedly meeting with Jon Daniels today, and Ryan is quoted in Grant's story as saying that he doesn't want to erode the fan base any further, and he thinks the fans are waiting to see how the organization handles this godawful start.

Earlier this week, I said I wouldn't be shocked if Matt Walbeck is managing this team by Memorial Day.  Right now, given what is in the press this morning, I'll be mildly surprised if he isn't managing this team by Monday.

In other things, T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes, including the info that 25 percent of the players in the A.L. hitting less than .190 with RISP are Rangers -- Hank Blalock, Michael Young, Milton Bradley, and Ben Broussard.