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On Max Ramirez

In the comments to this morning's post, a couple of folks mentioned Max Ramirez as someone who should be up here soon as part of the rebuilding.

I think we should tap the brakes a little bit on that...Ramirez is off to a great start, but he's had all of 18 games above high-A.  And he's a catcher, which is problematic, given that one of the other guys everyone wants up right now is Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

You could try putting Ramirez at 1B, I guess, but that's a short-term solution, since Chris Davis will likely be up here by September.  And you don't want to move Ramirez off of catcher unless you absolutely have to. 

Let's give Ramirez some more time at AA, and if he keeps hitting close to what he is now, he'll be in Oklahoma soon enough, and will probably get a September call up.  And that's a reasonable time-line.