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Monday a.m. things

A 10-0 win that was about as crisply played as a game can be (at least, by the winners) does a lot to help you take a step back from the precipice.  We'll see what happens today, as far as puffs of smoke from TBIA vis-a-vis the future of Ron Washington, but yesterday's performance certainly helped remove the sour taste of Saturday's fiasco.

Vicente Padilla does the saying go?  A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a tortilla, or something like that?  Whatever the saying is, the good Padilla showed up yesterday, and Evan Grant says that was due in no small part to Gerald Laird and the staff making Padilla stick with the plan of throwing fastballs, rather than breaking pitches, early in the game.  Padilla now has a 3.79 ERA on the season...I can live with that...

Hank Blalock is getting an MRI to determine the extent of the damage to his hamstring.  Grant says the Rangers are holding off making a roster move with Blalock in no small part because there isn't much 40 man flexibility right now.  Given that Joaquin Arias still isn't back to 100% with his throwing, the Rangers would probably have to call up Brandon Boggs if Blalock goes to the d.l., with Boggs basically taking Marlon Byrd's role on the team, and German Duran playing third base semi-regularly, rather than being a utility guy/part-time outfielder.

In other injury news, Kason Gabbard is supposed to throw a bullpen on Wednesday and, if that goes well, make a rehab start on Saturday for Frisco, putting him on track to return on May 8.

Grant also mentions in the same piece that the Rangers may start taking regular infield practice before games.