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Thursday a.m. things

Bah.  Annoying game last night.  Jennings looked okay, for the most part, but that meatball he served up to Jose Lopez was a killer.

Evan Grant says this year's start is similar to last year's, when the Rangers didn't field well or hit with RISP.  I think the bigger problem is that they just didn't hit this series, period...they have a team line of .206/.310/.351 right now.  They are 3 for 23 with RISP, which is awful, but they are 17 for 74 without RISP, which isn't much better. 

Kevin Sherrington looks at the first series, and seems impressed with Josh Hamilton, Kevin Millwood, and Vicente Padilla, but not a lot else.

Eddie Guardado is also impressed with Hamilton, who made a tremendous running catch on a ball Raul Ibanez rocketed into right-center off of Guardado on Tuesday...that was a ball that looked like a sure double, had Hamilton not been out there.

In the same piece, Grant says that Luis Mendoza threw 65 pitches in a simulated game yesterday and is good to go, and Brandon McCarthy is going to start throwing on Friday. 

Grant also runs down the minor league starters for today -- Eric Hurley, Matt Harrison, Tommy Hunter, and Derek Holland. 

Richard Durrett has a rundown of the top prospects in Frisco this season, although you guys probably know who all they are already. 

And Jim Reeves luvs him some David Murphy...