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Wednesday a.m. things

Another game yesterday ruined by a crappy Jason Jennings outing. 

Jennings left with an irritated ulnar nerve, although there's no indication right now as to whether or not he'll miss his next start, much less go on the d.l.

Jason Botts wants out of the Rangers organization, and wants a "fresh start" elsewhere.  Can't say that I blame him.  The Rangers have bent over backwards over the past couple of years to avoid playing him, but have also kept him on the 40 man roster.  That said, I'll be surprised if he doesn't end up clearing waivers.

Y'all know my feelings on Botts.  The most troubling thing about this move, to me, is the fact that the Rangers feel that they need to try to save the season, as Evan Grant suggests, despite supposedly rebuilding.  If this is a rebuilding season, you need to go with Botts for longer than 38 ABs.  And if you want to see Chris Shelton -- who, for what it is worth, is only a month older than Botts -- then Ben Broussard seems to make more sense to go on the chopping block, given that he's been terrible at every aspect of the game this season.

And Jon Daniels and Ron Washington met yesterday.  It doesn't appear Washington is being fired this week.