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Friday a.m. stuff

Relatively quiet day, the day after an off day this early in the season...

Evan Grant talks about the problems with the team's defense so far this season, with the emphasis on the struggles of the middle infield.  Michael Young isn't a good defensive shortstop, but his problem is poor range, not being error prone, so I imagine those glaring issues will go away.  Ian Kinsler has had spurts where he's made bushels of errors, and then periods where he's been clean out there, so it is hard to know for sure what we are going to see from him this year...

With the Rangers heading into a series with the Angels, Jeff Wilson discusses Torii Hunter, and how Hunter's decision to go to Anaheim rather than sign with Texas may have been a blessing in disguise, since it resulted in the Rangers going and getting Josh Hamilton from the Reds. 

And T.R. Sullivan has his Friday Happy Hour up, including some comments from John McLaren on Vicente Padilla's velocity, and from Mike Scioscia on the Ranger lineup.