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Monday morning things

The Rangers could have played better on this 6 game road trip -- particularly defensively -- but you know, given everything, I think you can live with a 3-3 record after 6 games in Seattle and Anaheim.

Evan Grant runs down the positive things from the road trip, with the strong efforts by the rotation being front and center.  5 quality starts in 6 outings is huge...

Jim Reeves boggles at the performance of the rotation so far, and in particular, the fact that Vicente Padilla maintained his composure yesterday, rather than going into meltdown mode like we saw last year.

Jeff Wilson's game story focuses on the bottom of the order -- Gerald Laird, Ben Broussard, and Ramon Vazquez -- coming up big yesterday. 

Ron Washington is going to have essentially the same lineup for tomorrow's home opener that he did for Opening Day, with the lefty Brian Burres going. 

Evan Grant's notes discuss David Murphy forcing himself into the everyday lineup with his strong play, and Grant also mentions that Jason Botts will be starting Thursday against Adam Loewen.  Botts has some positive quotes in the Grant item of the "just happy to be here" variety, so at least publicly, anyway, he's not making waves about his limited playing time thusfar.

Richard Durrett talks about the good and the bad from this first week of the season. 

And T.R. Sullivan says David Murphy is proving he isn't just a fourth outfielder.