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Thursday a.m. things

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You know, it would be nice if these games that should be blowouts would stay blowouts.  Last night's game was too close for comfort. 

Evan Grant's game story focuses on righting things after a miserable middle of April, with Ron Washington trying to stay positive. 

Jason Jennings is headed to the disabled list, which wouldn't be a bad thing, except that Brandon McCarthy, Kason Gabbard, and Luis Mendoza are already on the d.l.  So we have 3/5ths of the anticipated Opening Day rotation on the d.l., along with the guy expected to step in should the Rangers need a different starter.  A.J. Murray is going to come up and apparently fill Jennings' slot in the rotation.

My guess is that Jennings goes down on a rehab stint and stays down there until he gets his act together.  If, by the end of that time, he's still having the same problems he's had up here, I think he gets released.

Kason Gabbard threw yesterday and all went well.  He's scheduled to start a week from today, and his return to the rotation would be a good thing.

Jim Reeves has the usual "Washington and Daniels must go" column, and claims that Daniels has made "some of the worst trades in Rangers history," reiterating the "the Rangers traded all these guys and have only X on the 25 man roster to show for it."