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Saturday morning stuff

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Yeah, I don't know what the hell is going on here.  3 straight shutouts?  The last two with Kason Gabbard and Scott Feldman starting?  The mind boggles.

RIchard Durrett's game story focuses on the scoreless streak, and says that Feldman corrected some mechanical flaws that had him walking guys in the first two innings.  I thought, in the third, that we'd be seeing Josh Rupe before too long -- Feldman was having a real hard time throwing strikes -- but Feldman got it figured out and provided 6 shutout innings.  He only had 87 pitches through 6, so I thought he would have stayed out for the 7th, but Washington opted to go with the Wright/Benoit/Wilson 7/8/9 combo that has been so effective.

Nolan Ryan echoed what Jon Daniels said earlier, that Ron Washington's job is safe and they won't re-evaluate the situation until the All Star Break, at the earliest. 

Kason Gabbard isn't saying much about the brawl, and just wants to put the whole thing behind him.  Sidney Ponson is saying lots, though, and says next time there's a brawl he's going to get his money's worth.