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Sunday morning stuff

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Michael Young says that if the Rangers keep pitching like they have so far in May, they can win the division.  Given that the Rangers have a 1.84 ERA this month, I'd agree with that.  Evan Grant also mentions in the game story that the bullpen had to do the heavy lifting yesterday, and thus there may be a move today to get a fresh arm up.

Mark Connor compares Scott Feldman to Roy Halladay, in terms of having two fastballs that look the same but move differently, and Luis Mendoza had a solid simulated game yesterday.

Galloway has another "fire Jon Daniels" column up, saying that Ron Washington is just a yes-man for Daniels, and thus if Washington has to go, so does Daniels.  Galloway also suggests that the talent level on this team is so low, Washington winning any games is a minor miracle.

Tim Cowlishaw says, give Washington the entire 2008 season.