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Today's transactions

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In case you missed it, Kevin Millwood was placed on the disabled list today, and the Rangers purchased the contract of Doug Mathis.  After needing 8 1/3 innings from the bullpen yesterday, Mathis was added so that the Rangers had a fresh arm in the pen.  Millwood's spot in the rotation can be skipped, meaning that the Rangers don't have to use someone to replace him until May 20, and I guess Mathis could end up getting that start.

In addition, the Rangers announced that Kaz Fukumori cleared waivers and has been outrighted.  This clears a spot on the 40 man roster, which they'll need before too long to make room for John Rheinecker or Thomas Diamond.

I thought Fukumori might be a possible 40 man casualty, given how he's struggled, and given that the Rangers, at this point, probably wouldn't have been devastated if a team claimed Fukumori and took his $3 million, 2 year contract off their hands.  He stays under team control, and I'd guess he probably won't be back in Texas until August, at the earliest.