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Wednesday morning stuff

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20-21, 4 games back of first place.  You know, after the awful streak, I felt that, even if the Rangers started playing well, it would take until the ASB to get back around .500, given how far down the team was.  And yet, Texas has the opportunity this afternoon to get back even on the year on May 14.  Incredible.

There was a lot of carping last night about Ron Washington lifting Kason Gabbard when he did, but as it turns out, Gabbard was being limited to 85 pitches, which is why he got pulled.  He didn't pick up the W, but it was another solid outing for Gabbard, who continues to impress.

Richard Durrett talks about the stellar Ranger defense in yesterday's game, and how this team's play is 180 degrees from where it was the first 2-3 weeks of the season.

There are also some injury updates...Hank Blalock is scheduled to DH tonight for Frisco and play third base on Thursday, and if all goes well, will be activated for Friday's game, with Travis Metcalf presumably heading for AAA.  Milton Bradley will sit today, and missed yesterday's game, with a sore shoulder, and Luis Mendoza is set to make a rehab start for Frisco.

Gil LeBreton's column today seems to imply that the Rangers are better off with Ramon Vazquez than Blalock at third is a love letter to Vazquez, and points out how much better the Rangers have played since Blalock went down, although LeBreton does come out a couple of times and say the Rangers need Blalock back.