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Friday a.m. things

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A lot of stuff today in the S-T about Nolan Ryan, with his former team coming to town...

Jeff Wilson has a piece in the S-T that includes an odd quote from Tom Hicks:

Said Hicks: "Some of the mistakes J.D. made in trades we wouldn't have made had Nolan been at the table. I don't think we'll have to worry about that again."

Here's what I don't get...why?  We have this cryptic statement from Hicks, saying Nolan would have prevented mistakes...but how?  It is as if Hicks is viewing Nolan as some sort of baseball savior, for whatever reason...

And that Hicks quote seems to show a distinct lack of confidence in Jon Daniels...

Gil LeBreton, meanwhile, seems to be taking a veiled shot at some of his colleagues at the S-T:

Ryan's playing career spanned 27 seasons. He understands the big picture.

I can't imagine that he'd let a botched trade, a misjudged draft choice or a rash in-game decision from the dugout persuade him to fire someone. That game is best left to the newspaper columnists and talk-show callers.

Some of them apparently are disappointed by that. Good. Let Ryan's patience be the enduring lesson of these first 100 days.

He came back to Arlington, after all, with no apparent agenda, other than to learn the new job and undertake the daunting challenge. His neutrality is refreshing.

Still, it seems clear that Ron Washington was close to losing his job.  Evan Grant has a lengthy piece about an April 25 meeting among some team leaders that led to the team's turnaround, and how the Rangers have been more efficient both on the mound and at the plate during this streak.

There's also a piece in the S-T about Scott Feldman's progress, and his incorporation of a four-seam fastball that breaks away from righthanders into his repertoire, to go with a two-seamer that breaks in to righties.