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Shawn Chacon weirdness

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Shawn Chacon is starting for the Astros tonight against Sidney Ponson.  Two journeyman pitchers who have had some success in the past, have been largely mediocre in their careers, and who have gotten off to good starts this year.

I noticed something weird about Chacon today, though...he's 0-0 on the year.  I wouldn't have thought anything about it if I didn't know (from living in Houston) that he's been in the rotation all year.  He's had 8 starts, but still doesn't have a decision.

It got me wondering about if that is a record, or how common that is, but I didn't know where I'd go to research that info.  However, as it happens, BP's "Games to Watch" for today talks about this very issue, saving me the trouble:

There have been just eight pitchers other than Chacon with a no-decision streak as long as eight since 1956, and with another no-decision today Chacon could come within one of the record of 10, held by three different pitchers, and break the record to begin a season, which he currently shares with Dick Stigman of the 1965 Twins. Chacon's streak is the most inexplicable of the group because he has averaged more innings per start (over 6 1/3) than any of the rest who have gone this long. It's also inexplicable in that he has been the team's best starter, having fired six Quality Starts in eight tries, leading to an expected won-loss record of 3-2.

So there you go.  Pretty weird.  Hopefully, we break his streak today by hanging an "L" on him.