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Friday afternoon linkaliciousness

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Kevin Goldstein has a really good, detailed piece up at BP today explaining the advisor/agent distinction with amateur baseball players, what is and isn't allowed, and what is actually going on...really good info in there for those interested in this stuff, definitely to be checked out...

Tim MacMahon is giving grades to the under-30 Rangers who are in the majors.  You can check out the hitters here and the pitchers here.

John Barten has his weekly THT awards up.  And I agree with him about what a bad idea having Jimmy Fallon take over the Late Show is.  Of course, I'm approaching 40, so what do I know...maybe the kids today like Jimmy Fallon.  Hopefully, he'll crack up at his own jokes and stumble over punch lines because he's laughing at how cute and funny he is, like he did on SNL.  Because that's what is so awesome about him.

Chris Davis is #7 in BA's latest Prospect Hot Sheet.  And he has only 1 K in the last week.  He also gets some love in the BA Hot Sheet chat...