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Saturday morning things

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May 17, and the Rangers can get to .500 with a win today.  Who would have imagined that a month ago?

Evan Grant takes a closer look at Ian Kinsler's key 7th inning steal, with Grant saying that Kinsler had figured out a hesitation in Astro pitcher Wesley Wright's delivery that made stealing a good bet.  I know folks have questioned Kinsler's baseball IQ -- and not without reason, given some of the mental errors he's made in the field -- but his stolen base percentage the past couple of seasons is unreal, and suggests someone who doesn't just have speed, but understands pitchers and knows when to go.

Over in the S-T, Jeff Wilson says Josh Hamilton is pretty good.  Hamilton's May OPS is just 12 points lower than his OPS in April, when he was named player of the month.

On the injury front, Hank Blalock hopes to play in extended spring for a few games this coming week, then be activated for the weekend series against the Indians.  Luis Mendoza, meanwhile, will be making a rehab start for Frisco tomorrow.

I go to my first Ranger game of the season tonight.  Hopefully, I'll see the team hit the .500 mark.