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Monday morning things

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Well, that was a nice comeback try, that ended just a bit short.  Still a real nice homestand, and if the Rangers can go 5-5 on this coming road trip, then I think I'll feel okay about where this team stands.

In young pitching news, Tommy Hunter has been promoted to Frisco, and Thomas Diamond is expected to join the Frisco rotation in the next week or two.  With Hunter and Diamond both joining the RoughRiders, I am wondering if Matt Harrison won't be making the move to Oklahoma.

Ian Kinsler explained after the game why he made the decision to try to score from third on the Michael Young popout, a decision that looked particularly bad after the Rangers got the game to within one.

T.R. Sullivan has a brief draft preview, saying that the Rangers are going to look more on the college side this year than they have the past couple of seasons.  He also confirms something I had been thinking about, in looking at the past few drafts -- that the Rangers make Texas and surrounding-area players something of a priority in scouting.  When you look at the fact that John Danks, Thomas Diamond, Johnny Whittleman, Matt West, Blake Beavan, and Kasey Kiker have all been taken with first or second round picks in recent years, it suggests that the team has been following the Atlanta philosophy of focusing close to home.  And it makes you wonder if someone like Tech's Roger Kieschnick might not end up being the pick in the 2nd round, if he's there...