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Michael Young speaks on moving to 3B

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In summary...he doesn't want to:

[D]oes this mean Michael Young is headed for third base?

Young has the answer to the second question.

"Absolutely not," he said before the Rangers' game with the Twins at the Metrodome on Monday night. "It hasn't been brought up. It hasn't been brought up to me, so it hasn't been brought up."

* * *

For the time being, Young will stay at shortstop. Club officials have not approached him about moving to third base and have no immediate plans to do so. They will not do anything until speaking with him, but it has been talked about internally, especially with the possibility that Double-A Frisco shortstop Elvus Andrus could be ready for the Major Leagues in the next year or two.

Young isn't particularly interested in moving.

"There is no reason for me to move to third base," Young said. "I can't envision what's going to happen down the road, but for right now and the near future, any position other than shortstop is not an option."

* * *

"If something happens down the road and the team is better served by me moving, I'm sure there will be some discussions," Young said. "But the time is not now, and I don't see it in the near future."

"Near future" meaning this year, I agree, I don't see it.

But if "near future" is 2009...well, I'd bet Young is incorrect there.