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Friday a.m. stuff

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Well, Sidney Ponson definitely had his groove on yesterday afternoon.  Or his schwerve on...I'm not sure which is better, really. 

But he was the story of the game yesterday, and today's game story includes Ponson talking about what he went through the past couple of years and his decision to try to come back and re-establish himself in the game. 

Ponson is one of those guys like Adam Eaton...always had great stuff, never been able to stay healthy or fully harness it.  It looks like he's earned a chance to stick around for a little while in the Ranger rotation and show whether he's finally had it all click into place...

Josh Hamilton is going to bat for Ron Washington, saying that Washington shouldn't be catching heat for the team's bad play. 

T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes up, including a mention that the Rangers had the worst average and slugging percentage from their first basemen in April of any A.L. team.  Bleah.

Jeff Wilson talks about the first base situation, and the lack of production the Rangers are getting there.