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Kevin Goldstein on some offensive performances

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Kevin Goldstein offers up the top offensive performers from April in each of the full season minor leagues, and the Rangers have two guys who get named the top guy in their respective leagues, and another who is honorable mention.

Unfortunately, the two winners are Nelson Cruz and Ian Gac.  Cruz is pretty well cemented as a AAAA guy, while Gac is considered a fringe prospect, at Goldstein says, given Gac's age, he'll probably have to perform in AA before folks will take him seriously.

The honorable mention is Max Ramirez, who of course has busted out with a huge start to the season in Frisco...with all the Salty and Teagarden drama, he's sort of slid under the radar, but if he keeps hitting like this, even with shaky defense behind the plate, he'll force himself into the mix real quick.