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Byrd coming back?

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Marlon Byrd is traveling with the team to the West Coast, according to the S-T blog, and it sounds like he may be activated sometime next week.  Oklahoma is playing in Tacoma this weekend, and Byrd apparently is going to try to play in a couple of those games as part of a rehab stint.

If he is activated next week, it will be interesting to see who goes to make room for him.  Brandon Boggs is the obvious choice, since Boggs basically was called up to be the righty-hitting outfielder, but Boggs has played well since coming up, which would make it harder, one would think, the send him back down.

The other option would be to cut ties with Ben Broussard, and let Cat and Chris Shelton handle first base duties.  It would seem to be kind of early in the season to do that, though.  So I imagine Boggs will head back to AAA when Byrd is ready.