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C.J. Wilson and missing bats

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Percentage of strikes that are swinging strikes for various Ranger relievers:

C.J. Wilson -- 12%

Joaquin Benoit -- 21%

Frankie Francisco -- 22%

Franklyn German -- 17%

Eddie Guardado -- 13%

Jamey Wright -- 11%

Josh Rupe -- 14%

The major league average is 14%.

Last season, when C.J. Wilson had 2 strikes on a batter, he allowed opposing batters to hit .134/.258/.150 against him.  He allowed 17 hits, and just 2 XBHs (both doubles), in 151 PAs.  He got 2 strikes on 53% of the batters he faced, and struck out 41.7% of batters once he got 2 strikes on them.

In 2008, with 2 strikes, hitters are hitting .175/.250/.350 against Wilson, including 3 XBHs (1 double and 2 homers).  He's gotten 2 strikes on 56% of the batters he has faced, but he's struck out only 23% of them.

In 2007, Wilson threw a first pitch strike to 55% of the batters he saw.  In 2008, he's thrown a first pitch strike to 49% of the batters he's seen.

In a nutshell...the biggest problem seems to be that Wilson isn't putting batters away this season, as reflected in his low swinging strike percentage and his low K rate once he has 2 strikes on hitters.