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Tuesday a.m. stuff

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Disappointing game yesterday, with the Rangers failing to capitalize on some good opportunities, and C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton having some crucial lapses.

The bullpen overall wasn't bad last night, going 5 1/3 innings with just 2 runs allowed.  And while there was a lot of hostility directed towards Franklyn German on the game day thread for allowing the winning run to score, he allowed a slowly hit check-swing infield single on a play that could have been scored an error, an intentional walk, and a double on a catchable ball hit to centerfield. 

Evan Grant's game story focuses on the closer situation, and the question of whether Wilson will still be closing when the next home game rolls around.  Ron Washington says C.J. isn't pounding the strike zone like he was earlier in the year.  Given that the other options are, according to Grant, Eddie Guardado and Jamey Wright, I don't see the point of making a change right now.

The outfield may be getting more crowded, as Jeff Wilson says Milton Bradley may play all three games in Cleveland in right field.  If Hank Blalock is activated and put at first base, that would free up DH for Frank Catalanotto against RHPs, and let you roll with an outfield of David Murphy, Josh Hamilton, and Milton Bradley, with Marlon Byrd as the 4th outfielder.  That still leaves open the question of whether Brandon Boggs or Chris Shelton gets sent back down, but if Milton Bradley is healthy enough to play the outfield regularly, it seems like you'd need a halfway decent righty bat more than a 5th outfielder.