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On Tommy Hunter

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Richard Durrett has a blog post up on Tommy Hunter, having watched Hunter make his AA debut and talked to him afterwards about his repertoire.

Hunter says he only threw 6 changeups yesterday, and otherwise relied upon his 4 seam fastball and his curveball.  Durrett raves about Hunter's curve, which he says Hunter can change speeds with and use like a changeup.

Hunter's good two-pitch mix is why some folks thought he'd end up as a reliever (and make it to the bigs pretty quick in that role), although the Rangers likely want to keep him in the rotation until he shows he can't handle it.  But it is interesting that Hunter throws a four-seamer, given how many of the Rangers pitchers rely on two-seam fastballs (which generally provide more sink and generate more ground balls). 

Hunter has maintained a good GB/FB ratio thusfar in his major leagueprofessional career, but that's going to be something to watch with him going forward.