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More Google confusion

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So, I'm reading this amusing item at KSK.

And, being a visual person, I'm visualizing Will Leitch and Cris Carter as I'm reading the dialogue.  And having met Will at the Blog Expo and moderated a couple of panels he was on, I know what he sounds like, so I'm also hearing the Leitch-voice for the Leitch-lines.  Carter, I have a harder time remembering what he sounds like, so it throws off the dynamic a little, but anyway...

And for what it is worth, I find that if you read some of the KSK dialogues while internally using certain voices for the people involved, it can make them funnier.  Like, whenever I read the Wade Phillips/Jerry Jones stuff, I imagine Wade sounding like Butters from South Park, Jerry Jones sounding like the crazy Texan on the Simpsons, and Jason Garrett sounding like the kid with the 4.0 from Yarsdale in the South Park movie.


So I read that piece, and I start thinking that Will Leitch looks like someone.  I ruminate, and then think, "He looks like James Spader."

And he does:





So.  To test my theory, I go to the upper right hand corner of Firefox and type "Will Leitch" with quotes in the Google box.  And as I'm typing "James Spader" with quotes after it, I get as far as "J, and it automatically shows "james spa..." in dropdown.

I think, oh, good, that's what I want, and click on it.

But then it occurs to this such a common similarity that this showed up in the Google suggestions for me?  Do so many people do searches for "will leitch" "james spader" to see if they are the same person or long lost twins that the quotation mark-j after "will leitch" brings this up?  Or had I made this search once before, and Google remembered and auto-suggested it because of that?

And because I went ahead and did the search before I started contemplating, it is automatically going to auto-suggest it from here on out, and thus I can't go back and tell if I had done that search before.

I have a problem sometimes with thinking I've come up with something new, and discover that not only have other people thought of it before, but I, in fact, have thought of it before.  For proof, go do a search for "cabbagehead" on Lone Star Ball.

It is like that episode of Seinfeld, where George tells Jerry that he's come up with what his name would be if he was a porno star, and Jerry says, "Buck Naked?", and reminds George that he (George) had come up with that some time before.

So anyway...I just wanted to share.