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Another move tomorrow?

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I have to wonder if the Rangers aren't going to end up having to make another roster move tomorrow...

The Rangers needed 6+ innings from the bullpen, and you have to figure Kam Loe is definitely unavailable tomorrow, after throwing 42 pitches today.  Ditto Frankie Francisco, who threw 29 pitches today (after throwing 18 last night) and Jamey Wright, who had 25 pitches today and 29 yesterday.

And having Eddie Guardado go on back to back days is something the Rangers have tried to avoid, given that he's coming back from surgery.

So that would leave the Rangers with Josh Rupe, Joaquin Benoit, and C.J. Wilson tomorrow.  And with Scott Feldman, who hasn't been starting all that long, scheduled to pitch tomorrow, and Doug Mathis on Sunday, I have to think they are going to want a fresh arm in the pen.

A.J. Murray had a complete game for Oklahoma tonight, so any of the bullpen arms there would be rested.  Wes Littleton has pitched only once in the last week, although the Rangers might prefer to get a look at Warner Madrigal, who last pitched on May 20 (which was also the last time Littleton pitched).

Normally I'd think they'd send Loe back down to make room for one of those two, but with Mathis going on Sunday, I think they might want to keep Loe up so he's available in long relief then.  I wouldn't be surprised if Frank Catalanotto got put on the d.l. so that Littleton or Madrigal can be activated, with a pitcher then being sent down Monday so Hank Blalock can be activated.