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MLB/State Farm promo

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So, I got an email from someone with, offering me a $50 gift card if I posted about this promo they are doing.  Since I'm not doing text ads anymore, I'm not making any money off of LSB, so I figured I'd go ahead and do it.

Here's the link.

Here's the deal, according to the email I got:

Here’s how the promotion works: Fans can enter the promotion daily through June 24 at The grand prize winner of Call Your Shot will stand beside famed baseball slugger David “Big Papi” Ortiz during the State Farm Home Run Derby and call the home run location of a single delivery for Ortiz. The winner will also receive:

  • All-expense paid trip for four to the All-Star Game and State Farm Home Run Derby
  • First class hotel accommodations in New York
  • Tickets to a Broadway show
  • $1,000 MasterCard gift card


Additionally, 10 fans will win first place prizes consisting of a $300 gift card and 25 second prize winners will receive $100 gift cards.

So there you go...if anyone ends up winning anything, let me know...