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The next 19

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The Rangers next 19 games include:

6 against Tampa

4 against Cleveland

3 against Oakland

3 against the Mets

3 against Kansas City

10 at home, 9 on the road (and for the season, for what it is worth, the Rangers have played 6 more road games than home games).

This will be, I think, a telling stretch.  Tampa is a good team, Oakland has a good record but isn't, I think, real good, the Mets and Indians are good teams that aren't playing well, and the Royals are the Royals.

If the Rangers really want to get on the map as far as the playoff hunt goes, something like 11-8 or 12-7 over this stretch would do it.  And if Kevin Millwood comes back healthy and effective on Friday, that's doable.

I remain underwhelmed by the A.L. West right now.  I don't think the A's are any better than a .500 team, and Seattle is sunk.  That leaves the Angels, whom I seem to perpetually underrate, but who I also don't see as a real scary team. 

I want the Rangers to continue to commit to youth and the long-term plan.  But in doing so, I think that it is certainly possible for Texas to back into a playoff race.